5 Effective Ways to Stop Chronic Migraine Headache Pain

When you experience a migraine headache you have two choices of treatment: painkillers or natural treatment approaches. Many natural treatment options exist that are not only safe, but effective as well. In fact, they can often be more effective than painkillers and without the risk of serious side effects.BiofeedbackBiofeedback has shown positive results when it comes to relieving migraine pain. It is not actually considered a treatment, but a training program that will teach a person how to control certain bodily functions that are normally controlled automatically by the body. Learning biofeedback can allow a person to control functions such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure. Once biofeedback is learned it can be used to reduce or eliminate migraine attacks.Regular ExerciseRegular exercise is also a big help for migraine sufferers. This involves both cardiovascular exercise such as walking or jogging and weightlifting exercises that will build and maintain muscle tone. However, be aware that when a migraine attack occurs, strenuous exercise or other activities can increase the pain. Do not exercise while experiencing a migraine headache.Chiropractic TreatmentChiropractic treatment has been helping migraine headache sufferers for over 100 years. Studies have consistently shown chiropractic to be extremely beneficial for relieving migraines. Some studies have shown positive results in over 80% of patients. Plus, chiropractic is very safe. You’ll often hear people claim that chiropractic is dangerous, but serious problems are extremely rare from chiropractic manipulations. You have a better chance of getting struck by lighting than suffering a severe problem from a chiropractic adjustment.Reduce Your Salt IntakeIf you’re a migraine sufferer that likes to salt their food you may want to get out of the habit. Some people add salt to just about everything they eat. It can add a lot of flavor to food, but it can also cause migraines.Drink More WaterDehydration can happen quickly in a migraine sufferer. Sometimes all it takes is three hours without water to bring on a headache. Migraineurs should normally eat smaller meals more often than larger meals less often. Plus, they should be drinking plenty of water every day. Some beverages such as soft drinks and high energy drinks can actually deplete your body of water. Try drinking water and avoid other types of beverages.These 5 safe and natural treatment approaches are all accepted as being safe and are very successful in relieving migraine headache pain in many people There are many other good natural approaches that can also bring positive results, some of which that may even help you.

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